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Uses of Massage


Massage is often grouped with other alternative healthcare because of its holistic approach to wellness. Its influence over the body-mind connection is what allows massage to benefit many common ailments. Read on to discover the many ways Complete Cranial Relief can make you feel better.

Muscular Health

While the most widely-known benefit of massage therapy is relaxing and lengthening muscle tissue, this practice goes beyond reversing the strains of repetitive use and heavy exercise. Bodywork can also relieve and prevent the headaches, migraines, and neck and shoulder pain that muscle tension can cause.

While providing whole body massage, Complete Cranial Relief also specializes in restoring health to the face, head and neck muscles.

Cardiovascular Health

When we use the correct muscles to breathe, we allow our lungs to work more efficiently. This efficiency puts more oxygen into the body, which in turn improves overall biological health. Poor posture can lead to us developing bad breathing habits over the years. Reversing these habits during massage sessions can work wonders for our mental clarity and physical endurance.

Improving circulation can also nourish the muscles, skin, and internal organs with more oxygenated blood. Moving the blood and lymph around the body with massage clears metabolic wastes from our tissues, and keeps our system refreshed.

Mental Health

Stress is a state of mind and body which has widespread effects on our health. High stress can lead to bruxism, poor sleep, adrenal fatigue, and other preventable disorders. By setting aside time every week to relax, stress can be greatly reduced in a reasonable matter of time. Sleep, focus and memory are all improved with deep relaxation, which can be brought about by massage.

Recent research in the theory of somato-emotional release has also shown that memories can be stored in our muscles in the form of pressure. By gently loosening these areas of tension, we can access and release emotions, good and bad, that have been unconsciously stored in the body.

Further, physical pain often takes a toll on our mental stability -- it's not easy to live in a state of discomfort, no matter its severity. Chronic pain, whether from injuries, posture, or repetitive movements from our jobs, doesn't have to stay with us. Using massage to alleviate this pain and tension can help us feel our best.

Emotional Health

Since we were born, most of us have been comforted and nurtured with embraces. Touch has been shown to be one of the most primal means of communication, and often has deep and profound effects on us. Albeit a potentially positive experience, touch is often less present within certain cultures and societies. Not experiencing well-intentioned touch for long periods of time can contribute to feelings of loneliness and unease, sometimes without our awareness.

When used properly, the touch component of massage can encourage the production of serotonin and dopamine, which have been proven to help those suffering from depression, anxiety, and even general loneliness. People of all ages can benefit from touch, and massage is an excellent way to put us at ease.

A Holistic Healing Method

As you can see, massage truly works for our bodies and minds in many ways. We encourage you to find out how it can help you by booking a free consultation today. Best of luck on your journey to a balanced body and mind!

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