Resting Outdoors

Sleep and Ease Program


Ideal for clients who suffer from anxiety, sleeplessness or want a more deluxe massage experience.


A combination of relaxing extras and integrative massage techniques

Our Most Deluxe Package Includes:

Sleep & Ease sessions integrate acupressure, aromatherapy, and homeopathic salt scrubs to help clients balance their mood and find restful sleep. Sessions begin with head and neck massage, followed by massage to acupoints throughout the body. Each session finishes with a CBD Himalayan pink salt exfoliation.

Salts Massage

CBD Himalayan Salt Scrub Exfoliation

Our most popular enhancement!

A combination of pink Himalayan salt, CBD oil and a divine fragrance blend that helps the client drift off to sleep. A great close to any service with the added warmth of hot towels.


Traditional Chinese Saying

"Where there is no movement there is pain, where there is movement there is no pain."