Back Massage

Classic Massage Services

Complete Cranial Relief's classic massage services for you to indulge and enjoy


Specialty Focused Massage

30 minutes - $49
60 minutes - $65
90 minutes - $85

Our most popular massage service!

Specialty Focused Massages target the head, neck, shoulders and spine for targeted relief from conditions like: 

  • Headaches & Migraines             

  • Sinus Problems & Congestion      ​

  • Pain associated with eyestrain    

  • Neck Stiffness and Pain             

  • Shoulder Pain and Tension          


General Massage

30 minutes - $49
60 minutes- $75
90 minutes - $95

General massages are our full-body massage offerings. This massage targets the general aches and pains in the whole body from head to toe! This treatment is ideal for clients who suffer from:

  • Arthritis                

  • Back and Hip Pain 

  • Degenerative Disks

  • Fibromyalgia        

Back Massage

Myofascial Release

60 minutes - $75
90 minutes - $95

​Myofascial release is a hands-on method using gentle, sustained pressure applied to connective tissue (fascia) to relieve pain, increase circulation and enhance mobility. MFR goes hand-in-hand with deep tissue specialties, often creating longer-lasting results.

Due to the specialized nature of this service there are certain considerations to be made when choosing the length of service. When selecting the 60 minute MFR service you will select one main area of focus (upper or lower body) and when selecting the 90-minute MFR service you will receive a full body service. 

Mani Pedi

Foot Treatments

30 minutes - $30
60 minutes - $60

Sometimes our feet need a little extra attention, this service is designed to treat clients who have extra discomfort in their feet from work or certain conditions. Our foot treatment is a delight for tired toes, aching arches and hurting heels!


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Myra Adu-Sarkodie

Owner, Lead Therapist

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