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Breathing exercises for relaxation and

full-body health

4-4-8 Breathing Mantra

Length: 30:55. Guided breathing session by Breathing Mantra on YouTube for deep relaxation.

4-7-8 Breathing

Length: 5:37. Explanation and demonstration of breathwork technique for nervous system reset.

Breath of Fire Follow Along

Length: 6:00. Follow-along practice for breath of fire, or kapalbhati.

Ujayi Breathing Tutorial

Length: 6:52. Instructions on Ujayi breathing method for emotional release and relaxation.

Breath of Fire Tutorial

Length: 9:50. Demonstration of sinus-cleansing breath of fire technique from yoga pranayama.

Healing Sounds Breathing Meditation

Length: 14:56. Follow-along breathing meditation using qi gong healing sounds.