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Scheduling sessions at least

once a week is the best way to

achieve and maintain the results from your massages.

Even 30 minutes each week can prevent symptoms and promote health.

Specialty Massage Routines

30 Minutes: $45   |   60 Minutes: $65   |   90 Minutes: $95

Our unique massage routines deliver focused treatment to key muscle groups, allowing you to experience the best possible relief from your aches and pains. Our specialties include Headache Relief, Stress Relief, and Lumbago Relief.

Headache Relief: Massage to the face, jaw, neck and shoulders. Beneficial for TMJD, sinus pressure, eyestrain, tension headaches and migraines.

Stress Relief: Massage to the neck, shoulders, back and feet. Great for back pain, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, tension headaches, and poor posture.

Lumbago Relief: Massage to the full back and hips. Good for back pain, hip pain and sciatica.

General Therapeutic Massage

30 Minutes: $49   |   60 Minutes: $79   |   90 Minutes: $99

Focus on any area that needs attention, or experience a full body massage with our general therapeutic services.

Myofascial Release

60 Minutes (focused): $85   |   90 Minutes (full body): $105

​Myofascial release is a hands-on method using gentle, sustained pressure applied to connective tissue (fascia) to relieve pain, increase circulation and enhance mobility. MFR goes hand-in-hand with deep tissue specialties, often creating longer-lasting results.


Paraffin Treatments

Hot paraffin wax has many health benefits. When applied to the skin, paraffin relieves joint pain, soothes muscle tissue, enhances relaxation, improves circulation and reduces inflammation. We offer multiple paraffin applications to increase your level of relief.

Mineral Back Treatment: 45 Minutes, $45. Epsom salt cream is massaged into the skin, followed by layers of warm paraffin applied to the full back. Enjoy reflexology as the wax soaks in.

Deluxe Back Treatment: 60 Minutes, $99. Epsom salt cream is massaged into the skin, followed by layers of warm paraffin applied to the full back. Steam with essential oils relaxes the back muscles during foot and leg massage. 

Gift Certificates


30 min - $30

60 min - $55

90 min - $75


30 min - $60

60 min - $95

90 min - $145

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans include assessment, weekly treatment, and symptom tracking to alleviate and/or resolve head & neck conditions. We recommended treatment plans for clients seeking tangible results in a shorter time-frame for severe TMJD, nerve impingements, or chronic upper body tension.

60 minutes per week, divided in 1-2 sessions

4 Weeks - $199

8 Weeks - $359


Wellness Services

Reflexology 30 minutes -  $39

Reflexology 60 minutes - $69

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