Black Stone Massage

Deluxe Back Treatment

45 min, $49

In this 45-minute treatment, deep tissue massage is applied along with hot stones and homeopathic muscle treatments before warm wax is applied to the back and peeled off. This service may be enjoyed alone, or paired along with therapeutic massage.


The Benefits of Hot Stones & Paraffin

Pain & Tension


 Gentle heat from our hot stones is used to relieve pain and tension from sore muscles. The rhythmic motion combines with this heat to increase blood flow in the affected areas. 

Increased Relaxation

Image by Toa Heftiba

Like a gentle hug the application of paraffin is both soothing to the skin and calming for the soul. The warmed paraffin is delicately layered onto the back and peeled at the close of the service. 

Luxury Service

Hot Stones Massage

Our commitment to our customers allowed us to create this luxury service that not only feels great but has you feeling better after! Paraffin and hot stones are a match made in massage heaven! 


I really love getting hot stone massages, the temperature is normally perfect and the hot wax feels so luxurious after a long day!

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