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Follow-along videos for tension relief

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Headache & TMJ MASSAGE

Length: 9:45. Guided self-massage to the face for relief of headaches, teeth grinding, & migraines.

Neck Self-Massage

Length: 11:43. Relieve tightness in the neck with guided self-massage.

Qi Gong Facial Massage

Length: 15:56. Guided aromatherapy self-massage to the head and face.

Shoulder Self-Massage

Length: 15:44. Guided self-massage to upper shoulders and pectorals.

Upper, Middle and Lower Back

Upper Back Self-Massage

Length: 7:21. Four techniques to relieve upper back and shoulder tension.

Lower Back Self-Massage

Length: 5:13.  Techniques for massaging the lower back properly.

Mid-Back Foam Rolling

Length: 3:30. Foam rolling for the upper and middle back.

Tennis Ball Techniques

Length: 6:36. Three different types of self massages with the use of the common tennis ball. Aids in adding extra pressure!