Treatment Methods

Why our massage stands out

CCR'S treatment methods bring consistency to massage therapy.

Complete Cranial Relief acknowledges the brain as the director of healing. The body can be encouraged to heal itself when the proper methods are applied -- methods which gently and effectively communicate with the nervous system.

Neuromuscular  Techniques

We know the brain as the controller of the body. It allows us to turn our will into action while also taking care of millions of biological processes behind the scenes. Because it controls both conscious and unconscious activities, we can think of the brain and its connected nerves as the bridge between our bodies and the outside world. It calls for all bodily functions, especially healing, to take place.


While many forms of touch may produce short-term relief, some can cause the nerves and muscles to react defensively over time. This is why many bodywork methods have been developed to gently and clearly communicate with the nervous system. A blend of these varied massage techniques is adapted during each session to generate therapeutic relaxation during every CCR massage.

IOTA Method

The lead therapist at CCR has developed an overarching approach identifying the elements of effective massage therapy. It incorporates an understanding of current mind-body practices in naturopathic medicine:

I - Intention

O - Openness

T - Trance

A - Alteration

When both client and therapist allow these elements of massage to take place during the session, treatment results come faster and easier.

Client Participation

A skilled therapist is certainly a key part in a successful massage. However, proper treatment is only achieved when the client allows the healing to occur. Knowing this, CCR places a gentle emphasis on the breathing and intention of the client. When the receiver of massage breathes deeply and effortlessly during their session, the muscles in their body unconsciously relax further with each exhale. Add a clear intention in the top of the client's mind -- whether it is to relax a particular muscle group or achieve a particular state of mind -- and the client has an even greater likelihood of accessing the results they desire.

This is why CCR focuses on informing the client of their role in their healing. This message is shared during the free initial consultation, and briefly before each massage.

Our Unique Approach

Communicating with neural networks, appling the IOTA method, and engaging the client each form the foundation of CCR's massage techniques. Every massage is intended to deeply relax the mind, and then communicate carefully with the nerves and muscles. Our unique combination of neuromuscular approaches, from sports massage to muscle energy, may help relieve many mental and physical conditions. Experience our approach  yourself by booking a massage with us today.


Well wishes on your search for health and happiness!

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